As you read my poetry and thoughts keep in mind... I can be you, Your Mother,your sister or even your child. 

 We all want to be respected we all want to be successful we all want to be the one others admire.  Unfortunately, we can not all be so lucky.    We are too busy covering up and hiding our problems we forget to deal with them.  I was once told "Life is a stage, They only know what you tell them.  You can be anyone you want to be".  How true is that?

Our society spends so much time judging others that we forget  that the only judgment that matters is the good man (or woman) above.

Every single one of us will eventually have to answer the same question,  What have you done to make you worthy?  Can you answer that?

Each one of us was given a purpose.  The majority of us don't even know it.  Your gift may never be known to you. No matter how hard your life has been, no matter what you have endured it was planned.

 I once read in the back of a bible that God chooses people to suffer hard times so that they may guide others.

   I am no longer ashamed. My gift is writing.  I would not have anything to write about if I did not have to suffer and endure the path that God put me on.  If sharing my story helps just one person not feel so alone than so be it.

          People are going to judge me.  I am use to that. Many people are   simply not going to "GET IT".     


             For one day do not judge others. 
For one day be thankful instead of critical.
 For one day be who you are not who someone wants or expects you to be.

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