When I met the love of my life a women said to me " I hope you can deal with sharing your man".  At the time I was offended and did not understand what she meant.  I fell in love with the same man everyone else loved.  He has a special way that others are attracted to.  Others see him as the one to run to.  He always will be there for anyone.  At times all the others seemed more important than me I never felt I was a priority.  I used my addiction to get his attention yet I pushed him away.  I am a strong women who resorted to playing the I NEED YOU ROLE.  I wanted to be first I wanted to be the priority.   I feel in love with a man that needs to be needed. 

 Alone again this road I travel,

My shoulders are weakening from this heavy load.

I imprison myself just to please you,

I need to accept you don't care what I do.

I hold on tightly and endure the pain,

When I know in my heart I will end up insane.

My mind tells me to leave and start again,

My heart knows by leaving my life will end.

Decisions and choices are mine to make,

How much pain am I going to take,

I punish myself I'm not sure why,

I take what you give and alone I cry.

I see you love others the way I need you,

It will never be with this I'll do.

I must not deserve another's heart,

     What did I do to be torn apart?
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