You haven't even entered this world,
so what I am saying may sound absurd.

You life is a gift to your mother
believe me child she likes no other.

Challenges and test have ruled her existence.
Happiness she knew for a simple instance.

Your mother has received the ultimate test,
At times in her life she couldn't comfortably rest.

I knew her well and shared her pain
I saw first hand her life was insane.

I watched her struggle day after day,
Yet she always knew there was a better way.

She doubted herself and the choices she made,
Yet in the long run believe me a life was saved.

She knew what was best for herself and another
Believe me when I say she was a great mother.

She knew what she could handle and what she could not,
Because of this inside she fought.

Who she was and the way she did live,
Helped her to see to you what she must give.

Her Love is so honest from deep in her heart,
Trust me child this sets her apart.

She finally saw the light to walk toward,
For this my child your are her reward.

Liz I love you Always have I hope someday you share this with the baby.

Kymberly L. Berson
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