I looked in the mirror who is she? She is not the girl I use to be.

Mirrors always speak the truth, A gentle reminder of my youth.

That women looks sad, broken and used. I can see her heart has been abused.

I once saw vibrance, love and life. Now I see a lonely wife.

Where's the girl that once had a dream? She was so beautiful her smiled would beam.

Who is this women looking at me? She is not who I expected to see.

I'm watching the tears roll down her cheek. I wish she would stop..SHE IS NOT THIS WEAK.

The girl in the mirror that was once there, Is only a memory in this womens tear.

I may not like the women I see, yet she's a gentle reminder of who I use to be.

I must stop staring and turn away, For tomorrow will be a better day.

I will look in this mirror every day until this women goes away.

Kymberly L. Berson
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