The day I met you, I began to live.
Without you I have nothing to give.
My world was so cold and full of shame.
You taught me to live. . .this life, this game.
I know you wish you could give me more.
But, with it all life's really a bore.
Money and fortune the "AMERICAN DREAM" .
It's not the happiness they make it seem.
A little house with a room or two,
It's all I need when I'm with you.
Money can make or break a home,
It's caused so many to be alone.
Look what I have because of you,
You've made me believe in what I can do.
You gave me a family where I belong,
You've made me realize I can be strong.
You've given me a purpose to live,
Money can't buy the love you give.

Kymberly Lynn Berson