Well this is easy.  When my step daughter left I was so cold and empty inside.  People were tired of hearing about it.  I suffer from endometreosis and at one point her mother told me she was glad I could not have children she had the best part f him.  I never commented on her evil words.  I just smiled and put it away.  It still hurts to this day.  The only difference is I have regained my strenghth and see her ignorance.  Part of me thanks her for giving me a chance to be a full time Mom.


So many years I believed I was cursed,

When you came to me I was at my worst.

All little girls share the same dream,

It helps them to grow and build self-esteem.

A husband a baby a house with a fence,

When we are little it all makes sense.

Reality begins to destroy this dream,

We learn that things aren't what they seem.

Trials and triumphs heartache and pain

So much to lose so little to gain.

A year of my life I a blessed to raise you,

When you left I didn't know what to do.

The house so empty and cold inside,

Loosing you a part of me died.

As time passed and the seasons changed,

I began to realize just what I gained.

I taught you how to braid your hair,

I taught you that life wasn't always fair.

I taught you how to match your clothes,

When you had a cold I wiped your nose.

Soccer, basketball, School and Softball

I watched you grow, you grew so tall.

Moments and memories we will always share,

I will always love you I'll always be care.

If the truth is told I was never cursed

God blessed me with you when I was at my worst.




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