Sorry a word we always hear,

The meaning can't make the act disappear.

I wish that sorry could fix it all,

I wish that sorry could break the wall

Sorry is only the first step you take,

When you begin to correct your mistake.

It's never easier to accept the blame,

Accept the fact you caused someone pain.

How do we start to fix the wrongs,

Can we get back to where we belong?

Can I fix the hurt I've caused your heart,

Do you think there's a chance for a fresh start?

You were my prince you rescued me,

You saw the person I could someday be.

You believed in me, and I in you,

We knew that together we'd get through.

We walked down the street you holding my hand,

We talked and laughed about all that we planned.

We laid and together as we watch or shows,

We Cuddled and play until we doze.

We sang together in our bed,

Nothing was left, nothing unsaid.

You went to church and you prayed,

The problems you had didn't seem so weighed.

If I could go back to when we met.

Today you would not be living with regret.

If I knew then what I know now,

I do things different I'd know how

I would not have doubted your love for me,

I would have just embrace you and let it be.

I would have accept the people you loved before me,

I would not always give you the third degree.

I would not have change the women you met,

My heart hid deeply behind a this wall.

You saw the truth behind it all,

You knew that I had lost my way,

You found a way to help me pray.

You treated me as if I mattered,

You healed my soul it was so shattered.

You broke down my wall and built your own,

Here I'm left standing all alone.

I made you feel I didn't Love you,

I didn't take the time to see your view.

Loving me should bring you joy,

Instead your love I've seemed to destroy..

Kymberly L Berson copyright

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