Once a week it was fun.
No longer fun just, run after run.
I use to enjoy a line or two,
Now if I don't have it I can't get through.
Two different people inside of me,
In my heart I want to be free.
The "ADDICT" in me takes control,
It hardens my heart and blocks my soul.
So many promises I make inside,
At the end of the day I just lied.
I use to see the morning sun,
I can't wake up after a run.
I use to smell the morning air,
Now I'm too tired to even care.
The more I pray for god to help me,
The stronger the devil seems to be.
My "ADDICT" is strong, to strong to fight,
It always attacks me during the night.

I wish the sun would never set,
Then the "ADDICT" I could forget.