My father's my hero, my courage and strength,

He's always been there within in arm's length,
When I was little he was always there,
He sang me to sleep and we'd say a prayer.
I use to call him from a fake phone,
When I knew he was on his way home.
He was always home when we ate,
Even though he was sometimes late.
He worked three jobs to give us a home,
Yet I never felt I was alone.
Sundays my father would never work,
Because to him this was his perk.
He always called me the apple of his eye,
My Daddy hated to see me cry.
He tried so hard to make things right,
Yet I always seemed to put up a fight.
I wish I listened when I was young,
I wish I listened before I begun.
Know that I'm older and I am grown,
I see why he let me go on my own.
I wish I could travel back in time,
A different mountain I then would climb.
I would change the way I chose to live,
I would take the advice he tried to give.
His love for me helped me through,
He always knew just what to do.
My father should have gave up on me,
Yet the best he chose to see.
Unconditional Love is all he gave,
Even the times I'd miss behave.
God chose for me to be his daughter,
God blessed me and made him my father.


This poem is self eplanatory.  I didn't have much (any) money to buy my Dad a birthday gift.  He always told me that it's not the amount of a present it's the thought.  I figured a personal poem was worth a millon bucks.  I hope he thought that as well.  I finally took his advice.

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