I've always wanted a child of my own,
I was sure I was meant to be alone.
The doctors told me I couldn't bare,
I cussed at god "how unfair".
Battle after battle I had to fight,
I wondered when i'd get it right.
When I decided i'd never be right,
I met this man who made me fight.
I finally decided to end it all,
He stayed by me wouldn't let me fall.
So many people told him to run,
He stay to finish what he begun.
He shared with me the faith in his heart,
He gave me a life and a brand new start.
He brought his little girl to live with us,
I watch each morning as she get's on thebus.
He gave me the family I could not bare,
He gave me the child i've longed to care.
He gave me a family to call my own,
I wasn't meant to be alone