At one point I really thought I was not going to make it.  I wanted to leave something with the all the children that have been in my life.  I wrote down what I would have teached them in a letter.  Luckily God had other plans and I am going to be around.

July 19, 2006

To All of the children God blessed me with...

If your reading this it means I have gone to heaven to get my angel wings. I am sure you will be confused and sad and that is O.K. I want you to know that I am always going to be with you. Maybe not my body but my spirit. That means that when you are sad, lonely, confused, scared and even happy I will know. You can always talk to me because I will ALWAYS hear you. I will NEVER be out of your reach. What I want for you is this:

- I want you to ALWAYS love yourself because you are beautiful and special.

- I want you to Love and treat others the same way you want to be treated.

-I want you to ALWAYS put yourself in some elses shoes before you make any decisions.

- I want you to think of the consequences before making any decisions.

-As you grow up people will be mean and cruel I want you to pray for them not plan revenge.

-I want you to follow your dreams because they are yours. DO NOT let ANYONE else change your min, feelings or beliefs.

-Life is not always going to be easy and people and those that you love and trust will hurt you. Don't hate them Love them and try to understand them.

- DO NOT blame yourself for what others do. Every one has the right to make a decision and if they make the wrong one remember it was there choice.

-When a person is hurting it is ALWAYS easier to place the blame on someone else rather than realize they did it to themselves.

Most of all I want you to be strong Loving and giving to others because that is what makes a person truly rich. Money is great!!!! Remember it can be evil as well. When your really down lock yourself in a room and listen to music. You will learn a lot about yourself and who you are. But remember you have to LISTEN to the music and feel it. By the way it only works if you open yourself and your soul to ALL kinds of music (and all kinds of people too.) Music is the key to your soul so LISTEN and learn.

I love you for who you are and you will make mistakes just learn from them. Times will be tough and that is a good think as long as you learned a lesson. Without bad times there could not be good times. If I learned one thing in my life it is this:

God always has you right were you are suppose to be when you are suppose to be there. You may not see the lesson at that exact moment you may not realize it for years and you may never know the lesson you learned. But there always will be a reason. This is the ONE thing I am sure of.

ALL my love

Forever and a Day,

Kymberly Lynn Berson (KK)

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