My dearest daughter, My first child,
        I wish I could change the days I was wild.

        If a genie granted me one wish,
        I'd go back in time and leave with a kiss.

        I would have been there your first day of school,
        I would have punished you when you broke a rule.

        We would have taken walks in the park,
        I would have held you when you feared the dark.

        Your first boyfriend would have hated me,
        I would have tortured him with a third degree.

        We would have taken a special vacation,
        I would have enforced your education.

        I would have made time to be YOUR FATHER,
        I would not have let you feel  you were a bother.

        I ran in circles day after day,
        I let your childhood get away.

        If I knew then what I know now,
        I would have change it some way some how.

        I can not give you back those days
        I can only be here now in different ways.

        All I want is another chance,
        I want to share your wedding dance.

        You taught me more than I taught you,
        I finally know what I must do.
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