For once in my life I have no words,

Coming from me that sounds absurd.

My thoughts are scattered here and there

to speak these feelings I do not dare.

My heart has told me which way to go,

The final outcome is for God to know.

God gives us each a mission on earth,

He decides our purpose before our birth.

Trials and triumphs heartache and pain,

Each with a lesson and knowledge to gain.

In our darkest moments we wonder “WHY”,

We beg for God to hear our cry.

Those Darkest moments never last,

Yet the lesson we learn will surpass.

Some of us have a more difficult road,

Each of us carry a different load.

I know my path has lead me here,

Through all the pain and every tear.

I know in my heart what I must do,

I see the path I'm meant to pursue.

July 22, 2009

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