You ended your life; It's just not fair.

What about me? You left me here.

They let me see you; One last time,

Connected to tubes, And a life support line.

I told you I loved you, I kissed you good-bye.

I begged you to fight; You chose to die.

I wish you spoke on your final call;

I heard you breathing, and that was all.

You should have fought; You should have tried.

They pulled the plug , And you just died.

Daddy couldn't bare to say good-bye;

How do you watch your child die?

So many times you caused him pain;

He never left you alone in shame.

Was life so bad you had to die?

Why couldn't you fight? Why couldn't you try?

I wonder how you'd be today?

I'll never know since you went away.

We have a nephew he shares your name;

I pray he doesn't share your pain.

What do we tell him, about you?

The uncle who couldn't see life through.

You should be here to watch him grow;

Know you're the uncle he'll never know.

You had so much love left to give;

Why couldn't you fight? Why couldn't you live.

Your life wasn't easy, or even fair;

Why couldn't you fight?

Why couldn't you care?

I wonder how I'd be today;

If you didn't die that April day?


Kymberly Berson 2005


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