The words we heard the Doctor speak,

Pained my heart and made me weak.

The words he spoke my deepest fear,

The moment I've dreaded is finally here.

All your life you've wanted more,

The simple things you've chose to ignore.

You've lived your life in a world of you own,

So much out their to you unknown.

So many hours you work each day,

Your time is slowly slipping away.

You want your life a certain way,

You want that image to portray.

Your always looking for something more,

You've captured yourself - a prisoner of war.

You always need to be in control,

Without that feeling you don't feel whole.

The life you live is not your own,

GOD has trusted you with this loan.

He will not tell you how to spend your time,

He'll interfere by giving a sign.

You have the option to heed the warning,

If you want to see the morning.

He's given you so many signs,

You have to read between the lines.

Every sign you choose to ignore,

The sign becomes stronger than before.

The time has come for you to see,

Praise to him on bended knee.

He's planned the life he wants for you,

This is something you can't undo.

His signs to you keep getting stronger,

The sings he gives are lasting longer.

You pray to him for guidance and strength,

You already have it in arm's length.

He choose your heart for your last sign,

To change your ways and re-design.

He's given you a second daughter another chance,

He wants this love for you to enhance.

Take the time to see life through her,

Remember who you once were.

Your daughters love is what you need,

To complete your life and truly succeed.

The choice is yours is you want to live,

You have so much more that you need to give.

Kymberly L. Berson






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