So much anger I have for her,

Even though she's a little girl.

Your love for her I can't understand,

I've tried to see from the other hand.

Never once have you put me first,

Even the times I was at my worst.

How many times did I go without out?

I still believed you beyond a doubt.

A secret she was you kept from many,

So quickly this girl grew to be twenty.

Your love for her unconditional and true,

The love I've longed to have from you.

You could have left her when you left her mother,

When you chose to be with another.

Your love for her has caused you to lie,

Why couldn't you just leave and say good-bye?

She called you Daddy when she had her own,

You allowed his love to be unknown.

She might have given her father a chance,

If your relationship didn't advance.

How could I accept this child,

When lie after lie it all compiled?

You let me believe you let her go,

You thought it better I didn't know.

The anger I feel is because of you,

The words you chose to misconstrue.

If only once you put me first,

Maybe I wouldn't feel so cursed.

Can't you see you caused this pain?,

Only are you the one to blame.

If you were honest from the start,

It wouldn't tear my heart apart.

I wish I felt the love she does,
For one moment to know what it was.
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