Dear God,

I am not quite sure were to start. Maybe I should tell you I am scared, so scared. I feel this pain in my heart that I have never felt before. I don't know who to turn to. I don't know who can help. I know that you my god creator of all things are the only one that can help me through this. We both know I have lived a sinful life. I have run from you when you wanted help me, I have cussed at you when you wanted to love me. I've ignored your warnings and I've suffered the consequences. I've allowed the devil to rule my home as you watched through the window. I stopped believing when I didn't understand. I've prayed selfishly for material things. I've prayed for my wants and my desires. I've harmed others with my sinful tongue, time and time again. Most of this life you've granted me I've spent questioning your reasons why. You've allowed me to watch my family die, you let a man beat me up, you won't allow me to bear a child, you've given me diseases and my body aches. You allowed me to be homeless with no were to go. My stomach was hungry and I needed food. I am sorry I had to defy you but God, I had to survive. You weren't providing my basic needs. Because of that I had no choice. Not a day goes by I don't remember. The things I did cause me shame. Was that part of your plan for me? Did I have to suffer to learn certain lessons? Well fine I did. I learned plenty. Enough is enough. I thought you were granting me some happiness. You let me find the love of my life. I am raising his and know my daughter. Why can't you let it be? Why do you keep throwing me curve balls?? Please I beg you unselfishly as I can… DO NOT take him away from me. It would not be only me who suffers. I probably have no right to ask you for a favor because I have not lived my life according to your standards. I am getting closer that should count for something. To be honest the life you would prefer me to live is pretty demanding. It will never happen over night. I am not going to make you unbroken promises. I am going to say that I will look to you for guidance. I will stop trying to handle everything on my own. I will give it to you and follow your lead. That is all I can promise for know. That should count for something because people lie to you all the time. They tell you what they think you want to hear. Please god, I beg you! Do not take him. I unselfishly ask you to help him help himself. I am giving this one to you! I will help you. We can be a great team! If we work together. His heart is in your hands.

All my LOVE

Your daughter,

Kymberly Lynn Berson
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