He was more than a neighbor , He was my friend

I was blessed to know him until the end.

They say that there's angels walking around,

Just be patient and you'll be found.

God gives them a mission, a soul to guide,

You never know when their by your side.

He was so unselfish, a man of love,

He was a blessing from the man above.

Even in his darkest time,

He trusted in god,

He knew he'd be fine.

Words can make or break your day,

He always knew just what to say.

Always concerned with how I was feeling,

He encouraged me to start my healing.

He reminded me that others do care,

Even though life is not always fair.

He was more than a neighbor, he was my friend,

I wish it didn't have to end.

He now is free to spread his wings,

Listen in the wind when this angel sings.


Kymberly L. Berson


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